Persecution of Peoples – Part 2

The moment we make it a point to take religious cleansing in our own hands, we give birth to a world that is oblivious to humility, peace, compassion, empathy, but most importantly; the provision of basic human rights for all. This wiping out of groups on the basis of religious belongings says a lot about your own insecurities.

Curing Our Hearts

Temporary success can blind us in running towards the colorful rainbows of this world while we might end up ignoring prayers, supplications, remembrance of Allah, and being good to people in this life for the sole purpose of gaining the pleasure of the All-Knowing.

This single piece of flesh, our heart, pumping blood to our veins, running the system of human existence, holding the control of our health and well being, decides our fate in this life and the hereafter. The fuel we provide to this organ can settle or ignite the fire of co-existing with our fellow soulies, in turn gaining the pleasure or dislike of Allah.

The Cure for Depression

Allah, our loving creator, knows beforehand of our troubles and the solutions we seek. He is the most kind and has blessed us with strong antidotes to the diseases that are faced by us in this life. In His Holy Quran, He has revealed the three Surahs as cures to depression, namely: – Surah Ad-Duhaa (93) – Surah As-Sharh (94) – Surah Ar-Rahman (55). Understanding these Surahs can surely relieve us of any doubts about this life and the worldly worries in sha Allah. The only thing required is a soul seeking repentance and a heart pleading forgiveness from the most merciful Lord, Allah Subhanahu Ta’aala.

Subject & Theme of The Quran

Theme of the Quran is a description of warning (inzaar). It is the story of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) journey of offering warnings and glad tidings to his audience.

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