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Life After Death

Life After Death -

A day will come when the world as we know it will come to an end. Almighty will order His special angel to blow the horn, the inhabitants of the earth and the Heaven will fall unconscious except those who are mercifully spared. The earth will be flattened, mountains will turn to dust, the sky will crack, the planets will disperse, and the graves overturned. Then the dead will be raised from their graves with their bodies restored to their physical state as the second horn is blown. Every man, woman, child, jinn, demon, wild animal, will be brought before our creator and He will justly deal with them on account of their good and evil deeds.


Suicide through an Islamic Perspective

We should keep our eyes and ears open for signs of depression or anxiety in our circle of family and friends. We know that some people might be going through horrible situations in their life and are scared to share with others for their safety. Being of help to those in need will heal this world of the sorrows and darkness, turning it into a place of peace and harmony. Playing our role as a sensible fellow citizen might help in bringing positive impact to our communities.

Poverty – Part 2 – A Perspective in Islam

Poverty - A Perspective in Islam

Allah doesn’t say that we let go of all the luxuries in order to succeed in the hereafter, rather to strike a balance in the society by sharing our prized possessions with the less privileged members. Sacrificing it all, while staying in isolation and carrying out our ibadah to seek Allah’s blessings is not favored in Islam. Rather, to keep things balanced, fulfilling our worldly duties while offering our religious obligations should be the norm. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing fast, as we are losing compassion, brotherhood, and empathy for our fellow brethren. The basic civil etiquette are disappearing from our moral value sets, taken over by ‘I can barely manage mine’ or ‘I worked too hard for this to give it away’ etc.

Love for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Love for Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

Many Muslims cross the boundaries in their love for Muhammad ﷺ. For the man who would forgive the worst of his enemies. If he himself was so forgiving, then how can we murder and kill anyone in his name. Not in his name. Not in the name of the one who never took any revenge on anyone who wronged him. Muhammad’s ﷺ stature grows when we ignore and forgive those who malign his name.

Prostration (Sujud)

The humility expressed by a believer in his prayers via prostration is ultimate, expressing to the creator, that no one is more supreme in the eyes of this believer. Allah, the Almighty, the most Forgiving has expressed to His creations that He is keenly listening to the pleas of those who are searching for Him in their prayers and prostrations.

Healing Illness

When dealing with our health, there has to be a combination of both medicines and the teachings of Quran & Sunnah for recovering from sickness and diseases. The main thing is to rely on Allah to be our savior and supreme healer, making it easier for us to deal with the hardships in life. No hurdle can put us down if we believe in ourselves and confide in Allah for easing it for us by His grace. Health is a blessing from our Creator and should be cherished and maintained by an active lifestyle so we can handle temporary setbacks courageously.

Don’t Despair

What happens when a person is overly focused on the worldly / material life?Prophet Muhammad pbuh said that “Poverty is put before his eyes”. No matter where you look, you see it. It means it always feels that the person doesn’t have enough. So, the focus becomes “what I don’t have.” This person’s affairs become scattered. His/Her heart is not content.When the next life is the focus, the person’s matters become joined. Allah helps you in your matters. Allah puts contentment in their heart. Instead of you running after worldly gains, life comes to you.How to find refuge in the storm? It is only through nearness to Allah SWT. Nothing in life comes to the person except of what is written for him/her anyways.

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