Life After Death

Life After Death -

A day will come when the world as we know it will come to an end. Almighty will order His special angel to blow the horn, the inhabitants of the earth and the Heaven will fall unconscious except those who are mercifully spared. The earth will be flattened, mountains will turn to dust, the sky will crack, the planets will disperse, and the graves overturned. Then the dead will be raised from their graves with their bodies restored to their physical state as the second horn is blown. Every man, woman, child, jinn, demon, wild animal, will be brought before our creator and He will justly deal with them on account of their good and evil deeds.

Persecution of Peoples – Part 2

The moment we make it a point to take religious cleansing in our own hands, we give birth to a world that is oblivious to humility, peace, compassion, empathy, but most importantly; the provision of basic human rights for all. This wiping out of groups on the basis of religious belongings says a lot about your own insecurities.

Be Kind to Parents

Kindness and a feeling of gratitude towards our parents, no matter what situation we are in, should be our motto in life. The combination of prayer and the attitude towards parents together in one hadith intensifies the position of parents in our lives.

Arafat Khutba (Sermon)

To listen to the Arafat Khutba (Sermon), You May;
1) Download and install this app “Arafat Sermon” for iOS or Android phones.
2) Select the language. Options include English, French, Farsi, Urdu, Melayu and Mandarin.
3) Press PLAY to listen.

Day of Arafat in 2019:
Saturday, August 10.

Time of Arafat Khutba (Sermon);
Makkah: 12:30PM
North America EST: 5:30AM on Saturday
Pakistan: 2:30PM
Malaysia: 5:30PM
France: 11:30AM
Iran: 2:00PM

May Allah SWT accept our humble efforts.

The Bond between Jesus (pbuh) & Muhammad (pbuh)

I came across this hadeeth recently, which was new to me. I had heard/read before about the importance of Jesus (PBUH) in Islam and also about the Ashtiname of Muhammad (PBUH), so decided to share. The following have been sourced from Sahih Al-Bukhari Narrated Abu Hurairah: I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “I am the nearest …

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Tazkeer bil Quran – Rajm

Hudud are the crimes, punishments for which, has been prescribed by Allah SWT in the Quran. These include; Hirabah (Waging war against society), Fasad fil Arz (could be against an individual or community), Qatal (Homicide), Zina (Adultery), Theft and Qazf (False accusation of Adultery).

Understanding The Maker via Tazkeer bil Quran

  We Muslims believe that Quran is the word of God. I attend a Tazkeer bil Quran (Reminders from Quran) course at Al-Mawrid Institute Canada, and my instructor is Mr. Malik Faisal Aslam. I take notes in order to be able to remember important points from the lecture/discussions and decided to share the same in synoptic form here, …

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My Hajj – Day 5 – Muzdalifah & Tawaf az-Ziyarah

Monday, September 12, 2016 Muzdalifah Reached around 1AM. Prayed Maghreb and Isha and started collecting stones for Jamarat (near Mina), where stoning the devil takes place. This was an interesting exercise, whereby every Hajji scours the area for stones (mostly small), to prepare for next day’s “venture”. The organizers distributed meal boxes to the Hajjis …

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