Muhammad PBUH

The Final Prophet – Muhammad ﷺ

The Last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Indeed, Islam was termed as ‘complete’ after the revelation of Quran and the arrival of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Following the footsteps of our beloved Prophet ﷺ and the teachings of the Quran can assist us in gaining a deeper understanding of how to become better Muslims and a humbler version of ourselves. Showing respect to our Prophet and accepting Him as Khatemun-Nabiyyeen, the last of the Prophets, is deemed an essential part of Islam.

Love for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Love for Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

Many Muslims cross the boundaries in their love for Muhammad ﷺ. For the man who would forgive the worst of his enemies. If he himself was so forgiving, then how can we murder and kill anyone in his name. Not in his name. Not in the name of the one who never took any revenge on anyone who wronged him. Muhammad’s ﷺ stature grows when we ignore and forgive those who malign his name.

Subject & Theme of The Quran

Theme of the Quran is a description of warning (inzaar). It is the story of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) journey of offering warnings and glad tidings to his audience.

Tazkeer Bil Quran – Sunnah (Part 1)

“The Quran (the holy book of Islam) and the Sunnah make up the two primary sources of Islamic theology and law. The sunnah is also defined as “a path, a way, a manner of life”; “all the traditions and practices” of the Islamic prophet that “have become models to be followed” by Muslims.” –

There are approximately 10 sources on 5 schools of thought on Sunnah.

The Black Hole in Light of The Quran

Since childhood, I wondered about the Mi’raj (Night Journey of Prophet Muhammad pbuh) and how it could have been possible. Specifically, how was it possible that the Prophet pbuh mounted a mythological hybrid horse named “Buraq” and went to the heavens, to meet and take directions from Allah SWT?The video below makes a connection between Mi’raj and the black holes. Recently, with the first photograph ever taken of a Black Hole, the interest in this debate is sparked. Was a black hole the conduit through which the Buraq took the Prophet pbuh to paradise.Another point to consider perhaps, is this; “The Encyclopaedia of Islam, referring to Al-Damiri’s writings, considers Buraq to be a derivative of Arabic: برق‎ barq “lightning”. Taken from Wikipedia. So, either Buraq was lightening-fast, or this is some reference to light, which as one would assume, is part and parcel of space travel.

The Prophets of Islam

25 Prophets Peace Be Upon Them, are mentioned by name in the Quran, even though there are many more in Islamic tradition. There is a hadith from Prophet Muhammad PBUH, albeit weak, that puts the number at 124,000. Belief in the Prophets of Islam is an article of faith for Muslims and Muslims must respect all of the prophets. One manner in which this respect is exhibited, is the use of the words “Alayhe Salam” (peace be upon him) or AS for short.

Tazkeer Bil Quran – Belief in Sacred Scriptures of God

Belief in all Abrahamic holy scriptures is an article of Iman (faith) is Islam. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said;”Iman (Faith) is that you believe in God and His Angels and His Books and His Messengers and the Hereafter and the good and evil fate [ordained by your God].” – The Hadith of GabrielMuslims believe that the following texts were authored by God, and sent down to humanity via His Prophets (PBUT);Suhuf Ibrahim (Abrahamic Scrolls) – Revealed (approximately ???) to Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) PBUH revelation started 1st of RamadanTorat (Torah) – Revealed (approximately 1500 BCE) to Prophet Musa (Moses) PBUH revelation started 6th of RamadanZabur (Pslams) – Revealed (approximately 1000 BCE) to Prophet Dawud (David) PBUH revelation started 18th of RamadanInjeel (Gospel) – Revealed (approximately 1 CE) to Prophet Esa (Christ) PBUH revelation started 13th of RamadanQuran – Revealed (approximately 610 to 632 CE) to Prophet Muhammad PBUH revelation started 23rd of Ramadan

Introduction to

Here is an introduction of a website of Islamic texts, Mr. Mohammad Ali has made a tremendous effort in presenting these works.My favorite feature of this website is that one can search by topic across the works presented. For example, you type in Fasting, and you get every mention of the word Fasting across all of the works.

The Mercy of Allah

“Allah is the name without attributes. Allah reveals Himself through His attributes, and Ar-Rehman is the single most important attribute of Allah. What He is letting us know is that the essential nature of God is merciful, it’s not majestic. He is majestic and beautiful, but the quality He wants to reveal Himself to man is first and foremost is mercy. If you embrace that mercy, that’s what you get. If you reject that mercy, He reveals Himself with majesty. And that is why Allah SWT can be overwhelming, and He can be so overwhelming that people will reject Him.The Persian says “what does the ant know about the pattern on the Persian carpet. We’re like ants. All of us are like little significant ants in the big picture of the cosmos.”

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