Rewards of Ramadan Rewards of Ramadan

Islam is the religion of peace, kindness, compassion, and care for our fellow brothers and sisters. Looking after the needy and deserving, and sacrificing our own benefit for the sake of others is the teaching of our deen. Fasting is for Allah and helping a fellow brother break his fast will bless us with unlimited rewards, and the most important prize – the pleasure of Allah!

Quran – The Complete Code of Life (Long Read)

Quran The Complete Code of Life

I regretfully accept that my days and nights are not a sample of a balanced deen and dunya. I strongly believe that the Supreme King, Allah the Almighty, knows our strengths and weaknesses. Keeping these in mind our Lord has laid out the basic principles of spending our days in this life in order to salvage our afterlife.

Racial Equality in Islam

Racial Equality in Islam

True Islam believes in diversity, equality, brotherhood, and has no room for racism or bias on the basis of color, gender, ethnicity or background etc. Islam is a religion of peace and is a blessing for all mankind, allowing them to see hope at the end of a dark tunnel of suppression, injustice and hatred, maintaining an equilibrium of sanity and composure.

Prostration (Sujud)

The humility expressed by a believer in his prayers via prostration is ultimate, expressing to the creator, that no one is more supreme in the eyes of this believer. Allah, the Almighty, the most Forgiving has expressed to His creations that He is keenly listening to the pleas of those who are searching for Him in their prayers and prostrations.

Rights of God on Man (Huqooq Allah) & Rights of Man on Man (Huqooq Ul Ibad)

Being humble in your prayers and supplications and trying to please Allah brings a feeling of contentment and peace in our hearts. When we know that we are doing everything in our power to please our Creator, then an environment of humility and serenity prevails. Of course, we are responsible for fulfilling our roles as a fellow being to ensure that no soul is hurt or harmed by us.

Humility in Prayer (Khushu & Khudhu) – Part 1

A momin, when at salah, tries his best to gain an eternal connection with his Supreme Creator. This bonding of the creator and His creation is a desired state longed by a believer, for maintaining a sense of acceptance that he fears Allah and also accepts that He, undoubtedly is the most magnificent, the caretaker of us all. A sense of humility and calmness covers you while you stand in front of your Allah, conversing with him, bonding with him, establishing the soul of your prayers, reminding yourself of your insignificance and His magnificence.

Heroic Indeed

Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala lays it down plain and simple; be kind, be gentle, forgive and forget, and these humble actions would supersede your charities. Being understanding of the greatness of kindness in Allah’s eyes we will change our ways of living and bringing a positive change altogether. This world needs heroes, to safeguard the rights of less privileged folks, to heal them in any way we can, to comfort those in distress and playing our part to enhance the colors of this universe. Be the savior, be the hero, do your part and leave no opportunity to spread kindness around.

Don’t Despair

What happens when a person is overly focused on the worldly / material life?Prophet Muhammad pbuh said that “Poverty is put before his eyes”. No matter where you look, you see it. It means it always feels that the person doesn’t have enough. So, the focus becomes “what I don’t have.” This person’s affairs become scattered. His/Her heart is not content.When the next life is the focus, the person’s matters become joined. Allah helps you in your matters. Allah puts contentment in their heart. Instead of you running after worldly gains, life comes to you.How to find refuge in the storm? It is only through nearness to Allah SWT. Nothing in life comes to the person except of what is written for him/her anyways.

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