Life After Death

Life After Death -

A day will come when the world as we know it will come to an end. Almighty will order His special angel to blow the horn, the inhabitants of the earth and the Heaven will fall unconscious except those who are mercifully spared. The earth will be flattened, mountains will turn to dust, the sky will crack, the planets will disperse, and the graves overturned. Then the dead will be raised from their graves with their bodies restored to their physical state as the second horn is blown. Every man, woman, child, jinn, demon, wild animal, will be brought before our creator and He will justly deal with them on account of their good and evil deeds.

Focus on Gratitude to Allah

The best way to express one’s gratitude to Allah is; Being thankful in abundance and practicing patience in trial. True essence of gratitude lies in accepting every hurdle that comes your way, keeping expectations low, being content with whatever Allah blesses you with; may it be less or more, and adapting to all kinds of scenarios in life for the sake of gaining the pleasure of Allah. If Allah wills, a believer will gain rewards in this world and also in the next for his ways of practicing the Quran and the Sunnah, and believing in the immortality of this world and the reality of the ever so desirable, paradise.


Living our lives to the fullest, enriching every breath with the love of this worldly life, also adding in the flavors of Allah’s dhikr and praise for fellow humans is the essence of this life. Sealing our materialistic desires, replacing them with a more balanced approach towards life is the key to contentment. The more your gains are centered at attainment of rewards in this life and akhirah BOTH, the more at peace you would be. Our creator appreciates if we walk on a road that takes us to places that enrich our mind and soul, while we share that blessing with those around us. Greed, and arrogance has no place in a true believer’s heart, so let go of this nuisance and set yourself free!

High-end’in It

Allah is most forgiving, He loves us immensely, forgives us the moment we think of taubah, He blesses us with his worldly bounties and then asks us to spend on ourselves, our families and also on those in need. I am not saying that spending on yourself beyond very basic needs is a sin, not at all, but there should be drawn a line on where the spending and saving should end and parting away from it should begin.

A Fool’s Paradise

A lot of emotional turbulence occurs when we spend some ‘quality’ time on the various social media platforms. We idolize what we see, the pretty picture painted by our friends and acquaintances, fantasizing if we could just switch our lives with them. Our minds and hearts always make us feel inferior, incomplete and empty. We ponder why Allah didn’t choose us to be blessed with these worldly gains, forgetting that only He knows what’s best for us and at what time and we are shortsighted to not see that.

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