Tazkeer Bil Quran – Deen

Disclaimer: I attend a Tazkeer Bil Quran (Reminders from Quran) course at Al-Mawrid Institute Canada, and my instructor is Mr. Malik Faisal Aslam. I take notes in order to be able to remember important points from the lecture/discussions and decided to share the same in synoptic form here, as and when I am able to. My only objectives are …

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My Hajj – Day 5 – Muzdalifah & Tawaf az-Ziyarah

Monday, September 12, 2016 Muzdalifah Reached around 1AM. Prayed Maghreb and Isha and started collecting stones for Jamarat (near Mina), where stoning the devil takes place. This was an interesting exercise, whereby every Hajji scours the area for stones (mostly small), to prepare for next day’s “venture”. The organizers distributed meal boxes to the Hajjis …

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