Suicide through an Islamic Perspective

We should keep our eyes and ears open for signs of depression or anxiety in our circle of family and friends. We know that some people might be going through horrible situations in their life and are scared to share with others for their safety. Being of help to those in need will heal this world of the sorrows and darkness, turning it into a place of peace and harmony. Playing our role as a sensible fellow citizen might help in bringing positive impact to our communities.

Love for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Love for Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

Many Muslims cross the boundaries in their love for Muhammad ﷺ. For the man who would forgive the worst of his enemies. If he himself was so forgiving, then how can we murder and kill anyone in his name. Not in his name. Not in the name of the one who never took any revenge on anyone who wronged him. Muhammad’s ﷺ stature grows when we ignore and forgive those who malign his name.

Ramadan Kareem (Month of Fasting)

We witness this Holy month of Ramadan once a year in order to shape our behavior for the next months to come. fasts are mandated obligatory for us so that we may become righteous, better practicing Muslims, an asset to the society, and a source of goodness for our own selves and others around us. The rewards and returns of the good deeds exercised in this month multiply manifolds, urging the Muslims towards an abundance of good-doings.

Healing Illness

When dealing with our health, there has to be a combination of both medicines and the teachings of Quran & Sunnah for recovering from sickness and diseases. The main thing is to rely on Allah to be our savior and supreme healer, making it easier for us to deal with the hardships in life. No hurdle can put us down if we believe in ourselves and confide in Allah for easing it for us by His grace. Health is a blessing from our Creator and should be cherished and maintained by an active lifestyle so we can handle temporary setbacks courageously.

Be Kind to Parents

Kindness and a feeling of gratitude towards our parents, no matter what situation we are in, should be our motto in life. The combination of prayer and the attitude towards parents together in one hadith intensifies the position of parents in our lives.

Focus on Gratitude to Allah

The best way to express one’s gratitude to Allah is; Being thankful in abundance and practicing patience in trial. True essence of gratitude lies in accepting every hurdle that comes your way, keeping expectations low, being content with whatever Allah blesses you with; may it be less or more, and adapting to all kinds of scenarios in life for the sake of gaining the pleasure of Allah. If Allah wills, a believer will gain rewards in this world and also in the next for his ways of practicing the Quran and the Sunnah, and believing in the immortality of this world and the reality of the ever so desirable, paradise.

Humility in Prayer (Khushu & Khudhu) – Part 1

A momin, when at salah, tries his best to gain an eternal connection with his Supreme Creator. This bonding of the creator and His creation is a desired state longed by a believer, for maintaining a sense of acceptance that he fears Allah and also accepts that He, undoubtedly is the most magnificent, the caretaker of us all. A sense of humility and calmness covers you while you stand in front of your Allah, conversing with him, bonding with him, establishing the soul of your prayers, reminding yourself of your insignificance and His magnificence.

Rizq (Provision)

Where did the halal / haram rizq teachings disappear from our conversations? There is indeed great reward for a person who ignores a path leading towards haram earnings and makes sure to stick religiously to a difficult life but earning halal rizq only. In the Quran and Hadith are the guidelines for our daily living, if we don’t gain a better understanding then its our loss for sure. Allah has mentioned various times as to how to earn a living, how to spend, how to save and how to spare for helping others. This life is a trial, every breath we take, every action we take is noted down and will surely impact our akhirah. Earning fairly, and legally should be our topmost priority, there should be no other way about it. As of course, the contentment and satisfaction of nourishing the soul with halal rizq has endless rewards in sha Allah.

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