Afuw (Pardon) & Maghfirah (Forgiveness)

Our Lord is the most merciful, He forgives even if a believer only thinks in his mind, embarrassed after committing a sin, repenting on his lack of control over himself, that he has crossed the boundaries set by Allah, gaining his displeasure. Only on one’s thought of repentance, our merciful Allah opens His doors of mercy and forgiveness, allowing the believer to be forgiven, blessing him with maghfirah.

Anger Management

We come across events which may not be in accordance with our liking, and stimulate in us a feeling of dislike and anger. The focus and objective of our goal in life is a major factor in our inclination towards good or bad. The moral compass residing in us instills an obligation to refrain from committing sins, but if we lose a sense of weighing the goodness or evil in the choices we make in living this life, consequently we end up in exhibiting anger and rage to express lack of control over the incidents that transpire. Indeed, someone who forgets his values in those moments must revisit his faith and trust in Almighty, and should strengthen his iman so that Allah may empower him to gain total control over his anger.


Living our lives to the fullest, enriching every breath with the love of this worldly life, also adding in the flavors of Allah’s dhikr and praise for fellow humans is the essence of this life. Sealing our materialistic desires, replacing them with a more balanced approach towards life is the key to contentment. The more your gains are centered at attainment of rewards in this life and akhirah BOTH, the more at peace you would be. Our creator appreciates if we walk on a road that takes us to places that enrich our mind and soul, while we share that blessing with those around us. Greed, and arrogance has no place in a true believer’s heart, so let go of this nuisance and set yourself free!

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