Tazkeer Bil Quran – Belief in Sacred Scriptures of God

Belief in all Abrahamic holy scriptures is an article of Iman (faith) is Islam. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said;”Iman (Faith) is that you believe in God and His Angels and His Books and His Messengers and the Hereafter and the good and evil fate [ordained by your God].” – The Hadith of GabrielMuslims believe that the following texts were authored by God, and sent down to humanity via His Prophets (PBUT);Suhuf Ibrahim (Abrahamic Scrolls) – Revealed (approximately ???) to Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) PBUH revelation started 1st of RamadanTorat (Torah) – Revealed (approximately 1500 BCE) to Prophet Musa (Moses) PBUH revelation started 6th of RamadanZabur (Pslams) – Revealed (approximately 1000 BCE) to Prophet Dawud (David) PBUH revelation started 18th of RamadanInjeel (Gospel) – Revealed (approximately 1 CE) to Prophet Esa (Christ) PBUH revelation started 13th of RamadanQuran – Revealed (approximately 610 to 632 CE) to Prophet Muhammad PBUH revelation started 23rd of Ramadan

Introduction to Maerifah.org

Here is an introduction of a website of Islamic texts, www.Maerifah.org. Mr. Mohammad Ali has made a tremendous effort in presenting these works.My favorite feature of this website is that one can search by topic across the works presented. For example, you type in Fasting, and you get every mention of the word Fasting across all of the works.

Tazkeer Bil Quran – Riba / Usury

Riba/Usury is “unjust, exploitative gains made in trade or business under Islamic law.” Riba/Usury is strictly prohibited in Islam. Allah refers to those involved in practicing usury as “mad people”. For a transaction to be considered riba/usury, it must attest to the following conditions;Profit (Munafa)Specified (Mu’ayyun) andDemanded (Mutal’ba)On Debt (Qarz)Why is Riba Haram? Sourced from IslamMyFascinationRiba conflicts with the spirit of brotherhood and sympathy, and is based on greed, selfishness and hard heartedness.Riba is one of the major contributors towards inflation.Riba causes trauma and depression due to mounting debts.Riba creates a monopoly in society, where the rich are rewarded for being wealthy, while those who are not are forced to pay extra!

Thinking, Reasoning & Reflecting are Acts of Worship

“The Quran has spoken about thinking, reasoning and knowledge nearly one thousand times. This is another indication that Islam is a firm and deep ideology, far from superstitions. Islam relies on thinking and reasoning. We do not find any phrase in the Quran supporting the use of force to gather followers.” – Excerpt from Onthesigns.com “One moment of Ma’rifah (mystical intuitive knowledge) is better than a lifetime of prayer.… Islam is about knowledge of Allah SWT, and the knowledge of Allah is not a set of arguments you read in a book.” – Sheikh Hamza Yusuf  I’ve collated some references from The Quran, about the importance of Thinking, Reasoning and Reflection in Islam.

Tazkeer Bil Quran – Blasphemy & The law

Blasphemy occurs in and against all religions. In a conservative society like Pakistan, the enactment of Blasphemy Law (Pakistan Penal Code 295-C) during the 1980s catapulted the country into a chaotic few decades. Pakistan is probably (I am not sure) the only country in the world, which has enacted such an extreme law.There are basically 2 schools of thought on this subject.

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