Farewell Ramadan

O last Friday, a FRIDAY, surely, best of all the rest

For you are the last, in this Holy month of test,

A crown worn by you, depicts the countless blessings you possess

Spreading joy, peace, tranquility, and power to tarnish distress,

Holding in thy arms, a sure moment of a prayer’s acceptance

For us to devote our time, so to supplicate with sustenance,

Purify, dress well, adorn with fragrance, a great days’ start

Reciting ‘Kahf’, salutations, supplicate, pray, do your part,

Bid farewell, O Ramadan, hugging tight, do bless us all

Spare us from harm, if a disaster is to ever befall,

I failed in my endeavors of raising piety, sincerity, in my ibadah

To improvise, by pledging my heart and soul, relying solely on Allah,

May we be here next year, to welcome you with open arms

Letting go of worldly desires, holding onto the rope of Allah’s charm,

Farewell, goodbye, I take your leave, O Ramadan Kareem

Accept me as your servant, forgive me, my Lord Supreme.

– By Ms. Seen Noon

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