King’s Pardon

O beloved King, i relieve my wings

Exhausted, troubled, i let go of my things,

Been a tough ride, spent all my possessions

My worldly treasures, and all my obsessions,

More i sinned, the more you looked away

Indulged in misconduct, i let myself astray,

Alas, nothing filled the emptiness of my soul

Heart kept getting injured, gaining hole after hole,

Grief, sorrow, unrest, its all a gloomy ride

Step by step, page by page, i continue to stride,

O healer of illnesses, lay eyes at my shattered self

Nothing to offer, except humility of my mortified self,

Wash my sins, my tears leave a trail of remorse

Let them flow, for i cant hold back the guilty force,

Show mercy, blessed Almighty, O great King

Forgive, pardon, bless, i beg & plead, my King.

– by Ms.Seen Noon

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