Time to Gain – Ramadan


Hands empty, souls lost, hearts in need,

Impatiently, with thirsty lips, we kneel, plead,

O Ramadan Kareem, come to the rescue,

Let the heaven gates open, we’re all in a queue,

The full year flew by, drop by drop, grain by grain,

Never bothered, for what lies ahead, let alone, to train,

Material gains, only for this world, wake up you fool!

We’re here to earn for the lives ahead, buck up, you fool,

Riches, empires, possessions, no, NOT at all,

Salah, Fast, Charity, Good deeds, we need it all,

Cleansing thy souls, nurturing thy hearts,

Eating halal, abstaining from evil, saving bodily parts,

No foul words, resisting anger, giving respect,

Eyes, ears, tongue, hands, feet, our savior for lives ahead,

Pay heed, seek forgiveness, in darkness of the night,

For He forgives, blesses, loves, those who fight in plight,

Unfortunate are those, who take it light and ignore,

As this Holy Month is the key to paradise, for sure!

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