I Have No Time

Days passed, and nights fell,

Routine followed, but nothing to tell,

Gains realized, harvest reaped,

Minds victorious, but souls shrieked,

With the dawn of the early morning sun,

Body clock ticked, pushing to run, run, run,

Rise and shine, up and get, set, go,

No time to waste, oh no, God no,

If I pause to offer my morning prayer,

Shipment to be delayed, heart raced in despair,

No Lord, give me time, ill make it up to you,

Mean while, wish me luck, got lots to do,

Hands drenched in the worldly filth, heart begins to sizzle,

Soul empty, impatient to escape the dazzle dizzle,

Time to pause and pray – never comes,

Time to make it up – never comes,

Time to repent, seek forgiveness – one seeks but halfheartedly,

Time to thank Allah for the bounties – oh He knows, we thank, partly,

Then comes a sign, world turns upside down with fear,

Scattered, panicked, confused; are souls we hold dear,

Unlucky, sigh, still engrossed in the materialistic selves,

Finding means, to eventually, cure it proudly by themselves,

Halt! O mankind, pause, take a break,

Ponder over the things that are at stake,

Chance, He offers, to those He holds dear,

Buckle up, hurry, raise hands, let go, as nothing to fear,

May Allah guide us, bless us, take us under His wing,

For we can only bow down in front of our Supreme King,

Let us all explore the lost dimensions in this mortal world,

Forgiveness, repentance, we seek, our Lord, in the next world.

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