Month: January 2020

Rights of God on Man (Huqooq Allah) & Rights of Man on Man (Huqooq Ul Ibad)

Being humble in your prayers and supplications and trying to please Allah brings a feeling of contentment and peace in our hearts. When we know that we are doing everything in our power to please our Creator, then an environment of humility and serenity prevails. Of course, we are responsible for fulfilling our roles as a fellow being to ensure that no soul is hurt or harmed by us.

Effort versus Outcome

Our task is to inculcate the Sunnah and the Quran in our daily routine activities, empowering ourselves with unlimited energy to climb up mountains and sail through deep oceans, recharging ourselves through seeking forgiveness and repenting over sins committed or mistakes made. Realizing that the Creator of the universe has the supreme control over things that we face in routine in our lives, with us being all so weak and powerless, surrendering to His will over events encountered.

Healing Illness

When dealing with our health, there has to be a combination of both medicines and the teachings of Quran & Sunnah for recovering from sickness and diseases. The main thing is to rely on Allah to be our savior and supreme healer, making it easier for us to deal with the hardships in life. No hurdle can put us down if we believe in ourselves and confide in Allah for easing it for us by His grace. Health is a blessing from our Creator and should be cherished and maintained by an active lifestyle so we can handle temporary setbacks courageously.

Be Kind to Parents

Kindness and a feeling of gratitude towards our parents, no matter what situation we are in, should be our motto in life. The combination of prayer and the attitude towards parents together in one hadith intensifies the position of parents in our lives.

Curing Our Hearts

Temporary success can blind us in running towards the colorful rainbows of this world while we might end up ignoring prayers, supplications, remembrance of Allah, and being good to people in this life for the sole purpose of gaining the pleasure of the All-Knowing.

This single piece of flesh, our heart, pumping blood to our veins, running the system of human existence, holding the control of our health and well being, decides our fate in this life and the hereafter. The fuel we provide to this organ can settle or ignite the fire of co-existing with our fellow soulies, in turn gaining the pleasure or dislike of Allah.