Heal Me

by Ms. Seen Noon

My bitter half, my partner in crime,

This sadness in my soul, building up with time,

Running in me like blood in my veins,

Spoiling it rotten all that it claims,

O Lord, I pray to thee with all my heart,

Surrendering myself, with all might, each ‘n every part,

Heal me, for I’ve lost my way,

Heal me, for I’ve had a price to pay,

Caress me, swaddle me, be my savior,

O Allah, hear my calls, it’s too much to bear,

For you and your remembrance can lighten this tragedy,

Lifting the heaviness in my soul with all of its gravity,

I’ve learnt the hard way but the bitterness parts away,

Leaving behind a heart full of dua, dhikr, and prayer 5 times a day!



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