Month: October 2019

Shaping The Future

In today’s fast paced marathon everyone is aiming towards gaining the maximum outcome with minimal efforts. We are only focused on reaping the rewards in this life and securing a high position according to the status quo that we follow. Have we forgotten that we are responsible for guiding and counseling our families, our children, our near and dear ones towards the path of righteousness, kindness, fearing Allah and earning in this world to fulfill our needs but keeping in mind the repercussion of our actions in this life on the hereafter?

A Fool’s Paradise

A lot of emotional turbulence occurs when we spend some ‘quality’ time on the various social media platforms. We idolize what we see, the pretty picture painted by our friends and acquaintances, fantasizing if we could just switch our lives with them. Our minds and hearts always make us feel inferior, incomplete and empty. We ponder why Allah didn’t choose us to be blessed with these worldly gains, forgetting that only He knows what’s best for us and at what time and we are shortsighted to not see that.