Does God Exist – Poetic Thoughts by Kirk D’Cruz

Kirk is a friend of mine from India, who likes writing poetry. I read this on his Facebook timeline and asked his permission to share here.


By Kirk D’Cruz

Most religions, major and minor
Believe that something beyond exists
Some based on deductive reasoning
Others based on a revelation, a tryst.

Atheists deny the existence of God
Agnostics sit on the fence
What is my position in all of this?
Let me end the suspense.

For one it’s a bit of semantics
What we name this being, this force
Do we label this entity God –
This entity that we consider the source?

A rose by any name would smell as sweet
what difference what name one moots
If you name him this or that
Does it the essence dilute?

Wars have been fought over the name
When it’s the values that are vital
Love is the central tenet common to all
The name is just a title

This love that we call God is in all of us
So humanist argument is not flawed
They believe in themself and nature
To them they’re loving like God.

Some take issue with the word “creator”
The world has always been and will be
So is “still creating” “still becoming”
something that one can all agree?

To some there’s no creator nor creating,
The universe created itself
And self-printed like a big book
In the space of an even bigger bookshelf

To them it’s not that God created man
But that man created God
And that man forever then stayed
in a state of wonder, over-awed

May be god did not make the universe
But god is universe – this to say, I dare
Will we then love our planet more?
Will it make us care?

To sum up, what is god to me
Is like the duality of particle and wave
you can see but one aspect
The other you can only crave

For god is and god is not
He is that and he is not that
For to us he always wears
An existent and non-existent hat.

Thus this strange paradox holds true
That believers see a bright light face
But when you suspend your belief
He’s there as a dark empty space.

In the first case in this world he exists
We feel love through our perception
In the latter when we erase all faith
Love comes into our reception.



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