Some very enlightening thoughts of Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad on Submission, from the legacy of Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him).

“… the life of faith for Abrahamic believers is not supposed to be an easy ride… There have always been problems… there have always been tests that Heaven sends to us that sometimes make no sense to us… and we tend to interrogate Heaven, which is ignorance because Heaven’s wisdom is absolute and our perception of things is radically limited, but still we protest. But the way of Abrahamic religion is surrender, submit. That is the victory. Abase yourself in sujud in complete unhesitating loving embrace of the decree of Heaven. And the most extraordinary outcomes can take place. And this is the Abrahamic test for Muslims… around the world. We protest too much, we shout too much. We interrogate Heaven…. We’ve missed this founding of our tradition, which is that things in history and in the soul don’t follow the usual material logic of cause and effect. Everything is determined by the Hand of the Divine. So if we surrender, we accept the Divine Decree…. This is all mapped out for us in the beautiful symbolism of the Hajj… in order for us to recognize the value and unique beauty of submission and accepting the commands of Allah….”



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