The Mercy of Allah

I am sharing excerpts of 3 influential scholars.

1. Imam Suhaib Webb

Short Clip via The Muslim Vibe

“We tell people that it is haram to smoke, drink, date, eat pork. Have you ever heard someone say that it’s haram for you to give up on Allah’s mercy? It’s haram to not believe that Allah loves you. It’s haram to give up. Allah SWT says in the Quran, 15th chapter, verse 56;

The only people who give up on Allah’s mercy are people who are astray. That’s why Abdullah Ibn Masood RZA said that the most beloved verse of Quran to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is;

The Prophet SAW said “No verse has been revealed to me more beloved to me than this verse.” Some of the Sahabah said that we never saw him as happy as he was when this verse was sent to him SAW. We make a big mistake, that we see Islam as perfect, and somehow we think we’re perfect. No, Islam was made perfect, we were not made perfect. We came after that. So, we’re trying to get to something that’s relatively, near perfection, but we can never be perfect. So, sometimes we give up. We create these unattainable spiritual goals, that become counter-productive in our lives. The Prophet PBUH said “No one will make the religion hard except that it would defeat them. So try your best, work hard, make effort.”

2. Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar

“Our relationship with Allah is of love only. Don’t worry about your loss, and maintain hope on the God Who is with you in every condition. No one, no family, no person from here or there, only one Allah will be with you…” Here is the Ayah again;

“Allah says He is Ghafoor ur Raheem (the Forgiving, The Merciful). Remember, that Allah cannot be Ghafoor ur Raheem, if He doesn’t forgive you.”

3. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

“Allah is the name without attributes. Allah reveals Himself through His attributes, and Ar-Rehman is the single most important attribute of Allah. What He is letting us know is that the essential nature of God is merciful, it’s not majestic. He is majestic and beautiful, but the quality He wants to reveal Himself to man is first and foremost is mercy. If you embrace that mercy, that’s what you get. If you reject that mercy, He reveals Himself with majesty. And that is why Allah SWT can be overwhelming, and He can be so overwhelming that people will reject Him.

The Persian says ‘what does the ant know about the pattern on the Persian carpet’. We’re like ants. All of us are like little significant ants in the big picture of the cosmos.”



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