Personal Hygiene Practices of Prophet Muhammad pbuh

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Author: Mohammad Jordan

Date: December 28, 2017


Full-body wash (i.e. Ghusl) was performed and encouraged by the Prophet PBUH frequently. It was particularly emphasized to be performed in certain occasions such as Fridays among other occasions. This is in addition to the 5+ times a day Wudu, which is the ablution for prayer and many other matters by washing the external body parts with water.

2.5L scaling bucket (i.e. Sa’) that was used for performing Ghusl by the Prophet.


People at the time used ground aromatic herbs with water to function as soap for cleaning both body and clothes. We know that the Prophet PBUH and people of Hijaz regularly used the ground foaming leaves of Sidr (i.e. Ziziphus spina-christi). Other mentioned herbs used for cleaning at the Prophet time were Hyssopus, Myrtus,  Hibiscus, and Camphor among others.


Suitable materials such as rocks, cloth, etc. were used for further cleaning body and clothes.

Tooth Brushing:

The Prophet did and encouraged brushing teeth/mouth 5+ times a day with a Miswak made from the branches of Arak (i.e. Salvadora persica)at different occasions such as prior to every prayer, when getting in/out of the house, and during Ramadan among others occasions.


The Prophet did and encouraged removing unwanted body hair (i.e. privates/underarms/mustache) in different ways every Friday and instructed the period of leaving them to not exceed a maximum of 40 days.

Nail Clipping:

Worked exactly the same way as removing unwanted body hair.

For shaving/trimming/cutting, people used sharpened metal in different shapes for different purposes (the same way they made things like swords/knives).

E.g. Razor from ancient Egypt.


The Prophet’s favorite and most frequently used perfume is mentioned to be the Oil of Musk. The Prophet is mentioned to also have frequently used both the oil and the incense of burned Agarwood among others.

The use of perfumes in general is emphasized specially in occasions such as Friday prayers, Eids, Gatherings, etc.


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