Tazkeer Bil Quran – Deen

Disclaimer: I attend a Tazkeer Bil Quran (Reminders from Quran) course at Al-Mawrid Institute Canada, and my instructor is Mr. Malik Faisal Aslam. I take notes in order to be able to remember important points from the lecture/discussions and decided to share the same in synoptic form here, as and when I am able to. My only objectives are (a) to organize my thoughts and (b) to share and help anyone interested in learning about these, as I am. If you find a mistake, it is entirely from me, and I sincerely apologize. I am not a theology expert, so please form your own opinions. Thank You.


Synopsis of Jan 13, 2019 Class Session – Deen

Continuation of Surah Al-Mulk Ayah 12

Source: Quran.com

Khushu & Khuzu

Yakhsoon (being afraid) comes from Khashiyat (Khushu), which means Abasement before the power of Allah; Fear of being answerable to Allah SWT.

Khushu is usually spoken in tandem with another word, Khuzu or Khudhu, which means thinking of oneself as lesser, when presenting yourself to Allah SWT. Modesty or Humility.

Together, Khushu and Khuzu mean veneration to the Almighty.


What is the Aim of Quran?             

To remind you of your return to Allah.

What is the Reality of Deen?

Ibadaat (worship)

What is Deen?


What is the purpose of Deen?

Purification of Soul

What are the contents of Deen?

1) Purification of Body

2) Guidance on Food & Drink

3) Ethical Existence of Soul

4) Worship (Ibadaat)

4a) Prayer (Salah)

4b) Fasting

4c) Pilgrimage (Hajj)

4d) Obligatory Charity (Zakat)


A Humble Request: What you have read above is just a meek effort from a lowly student. Please do not consider this the final word on this topic. I encourage you to do your own research, if you want to learn more, and form your own opinion. There are many knowledgeable scholars of Islam, who will be able to guide you much better.

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