My Hajj – Day 6 – Jamarat

Tuesday, Sep 13, 2016

We were done with Tawaf az-Ziyarah after midnight.

While we were at Abraaj Mall, I recalled that one of my old work colleagues from Pakistan was also on that Hajj. I mused that it would be a real shocker, if I would come across him. Lo and behold, Iqbal Jutt is walking towards me in that corridor. I mean, what are the odds, of meeting someone you just thought about, at that very moment. There were between 2-3 million Hajjis roaming around. I guess that was a moment of qabooliat, as they say.

We walked a lot to get back to Mina around 3AM. Prayed Fajr and then slept till before Zuhr.

Devil Stoning at Jamarat

We moved to Jamarat after Asar. The manner in which the “Hajji stream” flowed across the Jamarat bridges and flyovers was a sight to see. I found this Hajji stream, and the infrastructure, very impressive. As can be seen from the pics and clips below.

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