The Purpose of Religion

Disclaimer: I am taking the liberty to replicate this video clip and text of Mohtaram Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, for whom I have the utmost respect, without his express written consent. 

“Preaching of religion is not restricted to the external. Its real target is our inner self. You should always remain conscious that failure in developing true association of your heart with God means that you have strayed from the course. Preaching religion is not for you. The real target of the religion of God is that whatever you do to preach His religion, it should always affect your own personality and that your heart is purged of all impurities. That your heart acquires admission rights to God’s heaven. Quran is very clear that that kingdom is only for the purified of hearts. You should strive to achieve purification and God will bless you with capability for success. Any shortcoming in the efforts will be taken care of by the merciful Lord as He is the most merciful, tolerant and forgiving.”


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