I Give Up – Shahbano Aliani

Source: Shahbano Aliani’s Facebook Page

i give up all my names
all my claims
all plans and pursuits
and ploys and games

i give up all my dreams
and fantasies
and all other escapes
and illusions such as these

i give up my ideas
of what and how
all questions of why
not that, not now

i give up everything
i’ve ever desired
to be successful or useful
to be good or admired

the wish for pleasure
for ease in strife
the wish for death
and even for life

i give up my effort
my trying to do
because all that’s done
is done by You

i give up everything
i surrender, i submit
i can’t do or be anything
unless You want it

Shahbano Aliani
25th January 2015
(c) Intent Publishing; Na’layn Publishers
photo: with thanks via intrepid travel

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