Hamzah Yusuf interviews Syed Muhammad Al Naquib


I came across this short interview by Hamzah Yusuf of Syed Muhammad Al Naquib. I found it interesting to listen to. What follows is not meant to be a deep theological analysis by any means, but maybe somewhat of a person’s starting point for further exploration on his/her own. If you come across a mistaken interpretation/understanding in the description below, please do highlight it in the comments. Thank You.


‘The eagle does not fly at the level of the sparrows.’ The essential crisis taking place in the Muslim world; The loss of Adab (Decency).

Points of Discussion

Amar: Commands & prohibitions. Law can only happen when people have commands and prohibitions.

Ahal (Qualified): Presence of People of authority.

Hakam (comes from Hikmah: Wisdom): Wisdom is the knowledge that tells you about the proper places of everything. All prophets were given wisdom. Allah bestows wisdom to whomever He pleases.

Adab (Good manners, morals, decency): A reflection of wisdom.

Adal (Justice): The culmination of all virtues. This is what is lost in Muslims.

The Past of Islam

The past is not dead. Trees do not grow without roots.

Why always translate Islam as Submission. The name ‘Christianity’ was given by their enemies, the  Romans. The Hindus, the same thing. We were called Muhammadans. We are not Muhammadans, we are Muslims.

Islam Today

We are not required to become perfect, as such.

If we define happiness by its opposite: Misery. Happiness is when you remove the doubt. That is why Islam talks about “Yaqeen” (certainty).

‘Eeman’ (faith) is to be established. How to bring back Eeman… Ikhlaq, Ethics, Thought. Modern scholars have been unable to relate those ideas with modern problems.



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